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The open road, being on the move, seeing the country, new horizons each morning – there are plenty of reasons to love being a trucker.

And there’s plenty that makes it challenging too – trying to match empty beds with the best loads, staying on top of regulatory requirements, time away from home, sore keesters.

But even with all that, truckers keep at it. And America is lucky they do. Because without them, nothing gets manufactured, store shelves are empty, the economy skids to a stop.

Welcome to LTL.com

Trucking can be a tough life but we all know tricks for making it better, and that’s what the new LTL.com is here for: to be an online community where like-minded truckers can share ideas and learn better ways to work.

Helping Truckers Build Their Business

LTL.com is the place to find tips from trusted truckers who know the road, know their trucks and are making their businesses work.

It’s where you can see what products and services other truckers are buying – and what they think about them.

We’re gathering industry news, ideas for staying healthy, useful online apps and tools, tax tips, strategies for better profits, ways to have better work/life balance, and more. We’re building a site we hope you’ll find worth bookmarking and visiting regularly.

A Place to Find Awesome Deals

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A Source for Valuable Information…

Being informed means being able to command better rates, and LTL.com offers a source for the info you need to negotiate more effectively. On our Community pages are forums for sharing ideas, opinions, tried and true ways to run a more profitable business.

… and Maybe a Laugh or Two

Because what’s the point if you can’t have a little fun. Use the Community pages to also tell a joke, upload a picture and share what things help you enjoy the ride.

What You Can Find on LTL.com:

  • News [insert link] – Stay current on what’s happening in the industry and better understand your market.
  • Tools [insert link] – Nifty no-cost or low-cost apps for routing, logging hours, tracking maintenance, accessing maps. Find business tools, health tools, and more.
  • Blog [insert link] – What truckers are talking about. We comb the Internet for stories you may have missed.
  • Community – Learn from your peers, see a calendar of upcoming events – and have a little fun. Share a tip, post a photo, ask a question, tell a joke.

A source of unbiased info, LTL.com is an independent publisher of articles we think will be useful to truckers, and we’d like to know if you think we’re hitting that mark.

Comment on the posts you read on the pages above or use this form [insert link] to let us know if there are other topics you’d like us to cover.

Add Your Voice!

For every mechanical, regulatory or logistical problem, there’s a trucker out there who’s figured it out. If you’ve figured it out, pass it on. If you’re figuring it out, share your thoughts.

There are 350,000 truckers in America – a force to be reckoned with if we work together.

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