New HOS: Savings Lives? Or Just Making Life Harder?

iStock_000004045744XSmallWhere do you stand on the new HOS?

If you’re reading this blog, odds are you don’t look kindly on the increased regulation that’s being enforced as of July 1. While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration claims the changes will save 19 lives and prevent 560 injuries each year, those claims are disputed by many in the industry. Some predict losses in productivity and a pay cut for truckers.

The changes are stirring up plenty of controversy. If you want to get your blood pressure up, check out some of these stories:

  • Transport Times features an editorial showing that data gathered by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) disputes FMCSA’s estimates of industry impact. While the FMCSA projects savings of $133 million, ATRI’s projections have the new HOS regulations costing the trucking industry $189 million.
  • reports the findings of an analyst who predicts new HOS will make it harder to hire truckers and create a 2% to 10% productivity decrease in the industry.
  • Supply Chain Digest’s website offers a report about the American Trucking Associations’ claim that the FMCSA bent its evidence to support its own agenda.
  • The story’s been covered by national news outlets, and you can see Commercial Carrier Journal’s website for links to stories in the Wall Street Journal, on NBC and NPR.

Others in the industry are looking at the issue more pragmatically. You can find articles about exactly what the changes are and how best to work within the new law on these websites:

What do you think about the new HOS? Will they change how you work?