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Why Owner-Operators Need a Truck Maintenance Plan

guy working on truck

That truck you drive every day isn’t just a tool. It’s an asset that can make your business more successful if you treat it well. A regular oil change for example, removes iron particles from your engine. “Having iron particles in your oil is like having sandpaper in your engine,” Read More »

Three Ways to Get the Maximum Miles Out of Your Tires


The conventional “wisdom” around tires is often flawed. Over-inflating and sacrificing tire miles for better fuel efficiency is a case in point. If that’s how you roll, you’re probably losing money on that bet. Learn how maintenance experts get the maximum miles out of their tires. Read More »

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CDL school

Three Things to Know Before Getting Your CDL

Check this article to find out why private CDL school is usually a better deal for drivers than company school and what to look out for before paying your tuition. Read More »

1040 form and calculator

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tax Preparer

What happens if you get audited? Make sure you ask this and 10 more questions before turning your receipts and records over to any tax preparer. Another in a series of blog posts by Esta Klatzkin, EA, a tax and financial consultant who specializes in working with owner-operators. Read More »